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1 Setup
Code style
Data basics
Visualization basics
Manipulation basics
R Markdown basics
2 Discrete-continuous relationships
Other single-table verbs
Getting help
Data structure basics
Exploratory data analysis (1D)
Tidy data
General strategy
ggplot2 calls
3 Essentials of relational data
Spreading and gathering
Parsing basics
String basics
Function basics
4 purrr basics
Exploratory data analysis (2D)
Missing values
Scoped verb basics
5 Date/time basics
Vector functions
purrr in mutate
Spatial basics
Continuous-continuous relationships
Model basics
6 List-columns
Predicate functions
Scoped verbs with predicates
Regular expressions
Time series
Factor basics
Fitting and visualizing models
7 Time spans
String details
Spatial visualization
Models with multiple variables
purrr map with multiple inputs
8 Many models
Separate and unite
Parsing details
Tidy evaluation
9 Model evaluation
Other purrr functions
10 R Markdown workflow
R Markdown presentations
Google sheets
ggplot2 extensions
dplyr and databases
Learning more